The Most Affordable and Practical Beauty-Salon Management system developed solely on realistic market information encountered by the beauty industry practitioners.

The standard BMS is a Proven, ALL-IN-ONE beauty salon management software that will significantly improve the sales volume, enhance customer retention and ease operation flow in these sectors: Spa, Yoga, Beauty, Nails, Health & Fitness, Hair Salon and more.

The BMS has 12 basic modules:

  • Booking Management
  • Visit-Tracking Management
  • Sales Management
  • Package-Deal Management
  • Prepaid Management
  • Membership Management
  • Progress Management
  • Bonus / Gift / Cash Coupon Management
  • Promotional Message Management
  • Commission Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports Management

The powerful toolset developed with industry-wise workflow and realistic settings, these handy and mandatory functionality allows you to painlessly organize most of your operation activities in an easy-to-use, manage and monitor system at an affordable price.

Multi-Database Support and Data Exchange Agent

  • Supports Microsoft SQL & MySQL
  • Customized DLLs facilitate feasible Data Exchange
  • Speedy Data Synchronization
  • Reliable Data Upload/Download: Batch-by-Interval / Real-Time
  • Single Shop, Multi-Shops or Regional Chains

Multi-Language Support

  • Supports English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese
  • Perfect for Regional deployment that covers multi-language regions
  • Data Captured consolidates transparently in Back-Office

BMS different from other beauty management system

  • Developed based on market realistic information provided by beauty practitioners who worked as our system development consultants.
  • All of your business data stays inside your IT structure, not hosting remotely in a place that you have limited or NO access to.
  • Integrated with the most trendy Thermal Rewritable Card System providing the best CRM and Advertising media.


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BMS Screen Capture
Booking Management
Bonus Setting
Member Bonus Status
Add New Contract
Product Inventory Management
Member Page
Member Search
Package Management
Progress Record
Report Management
Staff Login Management

Variable Setting
Report Samples