What is Smart Card?

Smart Card is the latest and greatest ID Authentication technology.

How many kinds of smart card are there?

There are two kinds of smart cards, the contact and the contactless.

What competitive advantages can "smart card" offer that no other input-media can provide?

  • Unparalleled security impossible to duplicate
  • Completely upgradeable to handle 15 or more applications on 1 card
  • Technically speaking, ZERO wear-out
  • Flexible offline operation
  • Encrypted-data can be read-and-write to the card

What are the most popular applications of smart card?

  • Access Control
  • Attendance System
  • Payroll & Staff Management
  • Automatic Fare Collection
  • Bonus & Loyalty Scheme
  • POS Integration
  • Club House Management
  • Membership Management
  • ID Card, Park & Ride, etc

What is MiFare technology?

It is a semi-open platform developed by Philips based on its 13.56MHz standard to meet the rapidly growing needs of electronic-ID market.

What's the difference between "MiFare Smart Card" and other smart cards?

  • Mifare is Contactless (vs. the Contact-type used for HK ID).
  • Mifare's platform is open (vs. the Closed Texas Instrument solution).
  • Each Mifare Card has an unique hard-coded ID that cannot be duplicated.
  • It has 16 separate memory sectors to accommodate multiple applications.

What is read and write smart card?

Most media can only be "READ", NO data can be "WRITTEN" to the card. Mifare can do both.

How long can "MiFare Card" last for?

The very nature of the card requires NO CONTACT, thus NO wear-out. Technically speaking, it will last forever.

How much data can "MiFare Card" store?

Two versions of Mifare is available: 1K & 4K.

How many types of Card Reader/Writer (CRW) are available?What are the characteristics of each type CRW?

More than one way to categorize them 

  1. Online ONLY & Online/Offline.
  2. With & Without built-in memory.

What kind of interfaces are available for CRW ?

Chinetek Intelligence offers the most flexibility of interface RS232, RS422, modem, and TCP/IP.

What's the benefit of Online operation and Offline operation?

  • Online operation means real-time update of data.
  • Offline operation enables normal operation when a LAN, WAN is unavailable or when the broadband internet link is down.

Can the AC 90 or MF-200 be connected to the PC through USB port?

They are device with serial interface.You can use the USB port, but you need a USB-to-RS232 converter in order to connect. This is a popular setup if you're using a new notebook, as most notebook doesn't have a RS-232 built-in anymore.

Do I load my customized application EXE through the Serial Port?

Your application is loaded into the PC.Integrate our hardware to your software with our SDK, then send and retrieve data through the serial port.

Can I developed my customized application EXE with VB.Net?

Your current EXE file supports VB version 6. We plan to release the VB.net EXE file in october 2004, by then, YES.

If I buy the AC 90 why do I need the basic Time Attendance program?Why this program is not included with the AC 90?

The basic TA package WAS included before BUT customer complained that it's NOT flexible and unfair as they have to paid a higher price - as some customer have their own TA software already OR would demand a full function TA and payroll package. With the feedback, we decided to break the package into two. If you need something simple to start deploying your TA solution, get the basic software, otherwise, just order the AC-90.

Raw data collected from AC-90 can be exported as text or excel file = collect through Serial Port?

Yes, the "raw data" will be collected through the serial port.These data can then be exported.

The CT-820 Time Recorder. The data can be download via web page.?Can you give more detail about the data download process ?

Once the "time data" is captured, it will be saved into a file.?We have a program to read from that file and check for any new data, if new data is found, it will send the new data up to your web-server, which then will be published to the web browser. The user can set the upload interval, whether every 5 min, 1 hour, or each day.

Can you compare CT-820 and the AC-90?

They are designed to meet different needs, but the logic behind them is very similar and they are both "data capture" device.

Can the MF-200 be used with the contactless card?

Of course. The MF-200 is the Contacless "Encoder (Writer) / Decoder (Reader)".

Does "contactless" means that user don't need to introduce the card in the MF-200 reader? User just need to present the card in the operating distance 50 mm?

User needs to bring the Contactless card within the readers' range, 50mm, for it to work. Unlike the IC contact card where the electronic chip needs to come into contact with the electronic legs inside the IC reader for it to be read. Contactless card has NO tear-and-wear issue. It's especially significant if Hygiene issue is concerned.

Can you give detail information about how the contactless card operate?

When the contactless card comes WITHIN the readers' range, the chip on the card will induce/change the magnetic field to a point that "electricity" will start to flow (electro-magnetic power) inside the reader. the reader will then be "awaken" and starts to send authentication signal to the card. if it comes back with positive authentication, the readers accepts the card, signals will be given to release a "door" (or whatever the application is), transaction data will be captured and the transaction is completed.

What material of contactless card do you recommend?

We use ONLY true philips original Mifare contactless card.?We do not use the indepndable "generic" or compatible products.

SDK software. Can you provide more detail about the SDK?

SDK is the software development kit. It is basically the DLL or EXE or API drivers and a sample program to help the software people to take control of our hardware device. You just need ONE SDK for each product, it's a ONE time purchase for integration purposes.

What is the advantage of the Zebra P420? Are there any better Smart card printer? Can the printer print both side of the card in the one process?

The P420i is designed to handle dual-sided printing.It will take longer but it will do the duplex printing for you professionally. It prints at 300 dpi. Zebra is the world's largest card printer company, it's famous of its durability and ease-of-operation. There's better card printer available, we offer the DNP's CX-210 printer, which has the ultra-fine output clarity and resolution. But it costs 2.5 times more than the 420i, you can find the CX-210 on our website too.

In the P420 manual I read?

The P420 printer may be equipped with an optional contact station for programming Smart Cards. This printer model responds to commands that position the cards at the contact station, where the printer connects to the contacts on the Smart Cards. All other printer operations remain the same as the standard P420 model.

Can you explain what that means? Why do the printer need to position the cards at the contact station?

The P420i has an optional upgrade to integrate a Mifare Encoder (Writer) / Decoder (Reader) INSIDE the printer, so that you can complete your physically (visual) printing using the ribbon AND the logical (electronic encryption) programming to the Mifare card ALL IN ONE PROCESS. The "contact station" is the area where the Mifare card will "rest on" while the Mifare Writer encrypts the card and yes, that "contact station" will put the card well within that same reading range as required of any Mifare Encoder.

How many transaction records can be recorded for CRW in standalone (Offline) type model?

Approx. 10,000 records and yes, the local database/transaction log can be uploaded to central at user-specified frequency.

How frequent the data has to be downloaded to computer?

You can choose to upload the data manually by setting your "batch-by-interval" parameter or simply have the software do that automatically.

What happen to the data in the CRW when electricity was out?

The data will be kept intact inside the internal flash memory.

How long will it take for the card reading process?

Instantly - Unless the card list is exceedingly large.